Our Brand Story

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The Story Behind Our Brand

After a domestic violence attack at the age of 29, Fitness Olympian, 13 x Author, Globally Recognized Health and Personal Development Expert, U.S.A.F. Veteran and Dynamic Speaker, Laticia “Action” Jackson realized that despite her external successes, internally she was broken. Her internal brokenness led her to an abusive marriage that almost ended her life. Desiring to heal from her brokenness, Jackson went on a twelve-year journey of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. This journey took "courage" and required her to grow through her pain.


Every Woman Has a Story of Courage!

Jackson desired to create a brand that would celebrate the resilient voices of other women who, like herself, experienced tragic moments in life but chose to never give up. Some of these women may be survivors of domestic violence, survivors of breast cancer, heart disease, Veterans or single moms. Whatever role these women play in society, it takes courage to be them. Courageous Xpressions sees their courage and our brand wants these women and all women to courageously honor the courage it takes to be who they are!


We’re a Socially Conscience Brand

Each quarter, a portion of our sales will be donated to designated domestic violence programs and organizations to help women and their children rebuild their lives after domestic violence and other tragic life events. We believe courage looks good on all women! Therefore, wear encourage all women to wear their courage courageously!



Laticia “ Action” Jackson

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