She's ARMED with Courage! 

Name: SMGT Yolanda Herring

What Branch of Military Did You Serve? US Army

 1). How Long Did You Serve?   23 years


 2). What does courage mean to you? 

 Courage means having the strength to do what is usually the hardest. Choosing to travel down the road that is often less traveled no matter how hard it is.


3). What is/was the most courageous thing you have done/did while serving your country?

 Leaving my family behind each and every time I had to deploy was the most courageous thing I have done.  I knew I had to make a good life for my family, so I had to make the difficult choice to leave my young children with family and forge on to do what I had to do even when I didn’t want to leave them. 


3). What changed about yourself internally once you made it through you most courageous moment while serving your country? 

 I knew once I became a senior non-commissioned officer that I was not only an African-American female in charge of a very large footprint but that I too could make an impact on the lives of many of the young Soldiers under my charge. I understood that I had a voice.


4). As a courageous woman, what advice would you give a woman who’s searching to activate her courage?


There will be many naysayers coming your way telling you what you can’t do, don’t listen to them.  Set goals and continue to move forward and forge your ay in this world.  It takes a strong woman to endure all the negativity that one will come across in their journey to be the courageous woman they are meant to be. Stay strong and it will all pay off in the end.

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