She's Armed with COURAGE

She's Armed with COURAGE

She tucks her babies in at night and kisses them on their forehead. With fear inside of her, she embraces her husband, best friend and family members. Unbeknownst to her family, she fears she may not live to ever see them again.  She buttons her fatigues, pulls up the straps on her government issued boots and she heads out to serve. These warriors, mothers, confidants, sisters, wives, community advocates and friends are one of the 200,000 women who serve in the Armed Forces every day.

She carry’s a scare around her left knee, pain in her lower back and emotional secrets that were kept from years of service. She gritted her teeth when she was told she couldn’t be part of the mission because she’s a woman. She stood her ground and wore her uniform with pride. These warriors, mothers, confidants, sisters, wives, community advocates and friend are one of the 10 percent of women Veterans who have served their country.

Officially, women have been serving on active duty in the U. S. military since 1901(Service Women’s Network, 2019) and to date, women continue to serve their country with honor. Military women have fought in war zones in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. These women are committed, trained and prepared for battle. This takes courage and today Courageous Xpresions Women’s Empowerment Product Line honors all women of the Armed Forces who currently serve or who have served.

We see your courage and we salute you!

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To honor you for your service for Veterans Day, we’re providing all women service members both active duty and Veterans with 5% off all items from our store!

Wear your courage courageously!

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Code Start Date: 11/11/2019-11/15/2019

Laticia” Action” Jackson

Creator of Courageous Xpressions and U.S.A.F. Veteran

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